Weds, 8/31- One Year + Labor Day Schedule

Hey all! We'll be running a limited schedule on Labor Day.

Our schedule will be:

6am 8am




It will be a good one, hope to see you there!

Your Wednesday Workouts-

Group Fitness:

1) BB Hip Thrust

x10@ 8 RPE, Repeat to 9

Recoil Hamstring Curl


Individual Design Work

3x As Prescribed

2) 15 min EMOTM

1 min- DB Thrusters

1 min- DU/HS

1 min- Renegade Rows

1 min- Tread

1 min- Rest

3) Alt Tabata Abs

-Tuck Straddle Pike

- Russian Twists


1) Knee Banded Hip Thrust, Tempo 1014


Individual Design Work

3x As Prescribed

2) AMRAP Time Remaining

300m Row/ .12 mile Tread

20 Skips Jump Rope/Bouncing

8ea SA DB Thruster

8ea SA Banded Rows

8 Reverse Crunches

Your Tuesday Results-

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