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Weds, 11/3- Posterior Chain Party

Good on all yall who made it out for the 2k row again today! Like we said, you can only row your first 2k once, and after that you'll always be thinking about the time you got the last time you rowed it. You persevered in spite of that pressure though, and some of you even walked away with some pretty big PR's!

Back on the deadlift/Bulgarian/snatch train tomorrow. While it might feel like we're throwing a ton of different movements at you every week right now, we're still just establishing a base vocabulary. I'm very excited to see you get more and more familiar with this stuff and start to master these movement patterns, then we'll really start to have some fun.

Your workout for tomorrow:

And your times from today:

See you there!

Yours in Food + Fitness,


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