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Weds, 10/27- Elm Street

Great job everyone on your first 2k row today! You all fought hard and put up some fantastic first times. Next time we do the 2k row (next Tuesday) you'll do better just from knowing what to expect, and that also means you'll be able to push harder! I look forward to it, even if you don't.

By popular demand we've got the end of the day white board up on the bottom of this post, 6am was getting tired of being pacesetters without seeing how everyone else's times stacked up!

For Wednesday's strength class we're going to be doing some barbell (or trap bar depending) deadlifts for the first time. We've worked on developing that good RDL, we've worked on keeping a tight torso position and strong back in the barbell rows, now we're going to see how you can put it all together in coming off the floor.

Your workout for Wednesday:

And your times from the 2k Row:

Kristine had the top women's 2k of the day with an 8:21.3, and Sam the top men's time with a 7:29.1. Great work guys. There's a whole bunch of men's times in that 7:30-7:40 range though. I'm certainly not trying to create an overly competitive environment at the gym, but 2k's are a little bit special, and gosh if that close spread lit a fire under yall that wouldn't be the worst thing ever. Have fun with it!

Yours in Food + Fitness,


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