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Wed, 7/13 - Stick Season

Your Wednesday Workouts-

Group Classes:

1) 1+1/4 DB/KB Front Rack Squat


Wtd Push-ups


2) Buy In/Cash Out:

5 min

700m Row

8 min AMRAP

40 DU/80 HS

10 Strict Knees 2 Elbows

12ea Side Plank Arch Up

3) Flying Pigeon

2x45s ea

Kondie Hip Lift



1) Box Squat


Low Bear Crawl

4x10ea Forward + Back

2) AMRAP Time Remaining

500m Row/.18 mile Tread

10 Push-ups w/ 4s Lower

12 Double DB Rows

75s Weighted Wall Sit

45s ea Active Pigeon Stretch

Your Tuesday Results-

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