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Tues, 5/24 - The Countdown

If you made it in today, we tested out the one mile running route we will be using for MURPH next Monday. Hope everyone enjoyed the run and was impressed by how strong they felt in it after all the hard work you have been putting into these workouts!

Your Tuesday Workouts-

Group Classes:



6 min Tread

2 min @ Light

2 min @ Med

2 min @ Fast

6 min AMRAP

15 Cal Row

8 Ab Wheels

8ea HK Pallof Press w/ 3s Pause

12 Banded Scap Push-ups

12 Scap Pull-ups

15ea X Band Walk

15ea SL Hip Thrust



5 min Row/Tread

2 min @ Light

2 min @ Med

1 min @ Fast

1 min Rest

5 min AMRAP

14 Feet Anchored Sit-ups

8ea HK Pallof Press w/ 3s Pause

14 Scap Push-ups

14 Scap Recoil Rows

12ea X-Band Walk

12ea SL Glute Bridge

1 min Rest


1) Hang Power SN (ATK)- 12 min EMOTM x2

2) Power CLN + Hang CLN + Jerk - 5x 2+2+2

3a) Plate OHS- 3x10

3b) Dips- 3x10

Your Monday Results:

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