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Tues, 12/7- Vertical Limit

Maybe you saw it coming, maybe you didn't, but on Tuesday we're tackling our 500 vertical feet for time test!

Come strapped with a pack if you're so inclined (and with mountaineering boots if you're really looking to throw down this winter) and be ready for what will be both a mental and physical challenge.

This will also be our first Tunes Tuesday- you'll definitely need some good music to get you through this, so come prepared with 1-2 workout appropriate songs you want to hear and we'll throw them into a class created playlist. No WAP please, don't make me regret this!

Great squatting today guys, I don't know how many of you had an out of body experience during your squats, but you all definitely put in some serious hard work.

Yours in Food + Fitness,


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