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Thurs, 9/16-Black And Blue

Starting to get in those first 1000 reps of KB cleans, hope none of you are too banged up! Come in today to stretch out a bit, do a little bit of knee stability, calf lengthening and strengthening, and work that overhead mobility!

Your class for Thursday-


Group Fitness-


Thoracic Spine Release

Cardio of Choice:

6x 90s Slow : 30s Fast

4 min Rest

12 Min AMRAP Lower

Lateral Step Down x10ea

Single Leg Calf Raise x 12ea

Couch Stretch x 8 Deep Breaths ea

2 min Rest

12 min AMRAP Upper

Side Lying Windmill x 5ea

DB Pull-Over x 8

HK Bottoms Up KB Press x 8ea

Ab Wheel

Accumulate 30 Reps

Yours in Food + Fitness,


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