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Thurs, 5/19- Murph + Potluck Info

Alright alright alright! Our schedule for Memorial Day Murph is here. On Memorial Day, Monday, 5/30, we'll be holding an altered schedule which will consist of the following classes:





These classes will be 90 minutes long and have a 15 person class capacity (we'll be bringing in some outdoor pull-up bars!). These classes will all be mixed Masters/Group classes- no matter where you're at and what you need scaling-wise, we'll make it work for you. The classes are up in Zenplanner now, and you must sign-up in advance to attend. We highly recommend you sign up for your preferred class time now. If necessary we'll add more.

At the 10am and 11:30am classes we'll be providing limited childcare, on us! Parents of non-potty trained children, please do be prepared to help out if necessary. You will need to reserve a spot for this in advance, and spots will be available on a first-come first-served basis. If interested please reach out to .

At 1pm following the last class we'll be holding our first member social event- a pot luck bbq. Members are highly encouraged to bring friends and family, just please be mindful of our limited parking. We'll have some food here, but please feel free to bring anything you'd like to share and BYOB!

Your Thursday Workouts-

Group Fitness and Masters:


1) 12/9 min Cardio

Not Tread

3 min @ Med

Tread 30s @ Light

30s @ Fast

Switch 1/.5 times

2) 2x

Half Pigeon Stretch x8 DB ea

Banded Dislocates x10

Half Frog Rock x12ea

3) 2-3x Deficit Bulgarian Split Squat x8ea

Band Hi-Med-Low Circles x8ea

Tib Raise x25

4) Time Remaining

Soft Tissue work

Wednesday 5/16 Hungry Hearts To Go Class- Watch Zoom recording HERE

Your Wednesday Results-

Yours in Food + Fitness,


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