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Thurs, 11/11- Badger

Happy Veteran's Day!! A huge thank you to all of you and your family members who have served in the US Armed Forces.

To honor our veterans we'll be completing a hero workout- a workout named for a soldier who died while in military service. There are many of these workouts, the most famous of which is 'Murph' (which we will absolutely be doing on Memorial Day). The one we'll be completing Thursday is called 'Badger'.

'Badger' is named after US Navy Chief Petty Officer Mark Carter, 27, of Virginia Beach, VA, who was killed during combat operations in Iraq on December 11, 2007. While we'll be warming up, getting sweaty, having a good time, and doing all the things that we normally do, it is important to remember that this workout is more than just a collection of movements, and is made to honor an actual person and their sacrifice. Something to meditate on while you're suffering.

A few notes on the workout- to make things interesting we'll be giving you the option of running on the treadmill or running outside. I've charted out a course for you down Little Sunapee Road, but if you're planning on running outside in the first or last class, please wear bright clothing or something reflective! Also, obviously the volume of cleans, pull-ups, and running is quite challenging. This will be hard, but as always, we can scale this to something that will be a proper amount of hard for you!

Take a look at the workout below (with some mobility after):

And all yalls' awesome deadlifting from today:

See you there.

Yours in Food + Fitness,


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