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Mon, 10/25- Something Wicked This Way Comes

What did we say at the end of last week? Don't miss Tuesday!! It's the perfect week to do something that scare you a little bit.

Here's what the week will look like:

Monday- Strength, 5RM Bench Press

Tuesday- Cardio, 2k Row

Wednesday- Strength, Deadlift

Thursday- Mobility Class, Animal Flow

Friday- Strength, 5RM ea Reverse Lunge

Saturday- Cardio Class

And here's what Monday's class will be:

Group Fitness-


1) Bench Press- Build to a 5RM

2) Chin Over Bar Hold- 3x 20-30s

KB Floor Press- 3x10

3) Metcon-

10 min EMOTM

1st- 30s Tread @ Fast

2nd- 30s DB Thrusters

Master's Class-


Glute Bridge 3x8 w/ 5s Hold

Side Plank from Knees 3x30-45s ea

Strength Circuit-

Push-ups x 8

Goblet Squats x 8

Split Squat x 8ea

Tread x 2 min

Yours in Food + Fitness,


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