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Sat, 10/16- Palumbo

We all have a dark side. A side that can come out when we're pushed to our limits- stressed, tired, hangry. While Paloma is a wonderful happy baby, if she had a darkside, that baby's name would be Palumbo (the best misunderstanding of her name we've heard yet).

Today, to pay tribute to that evil twin, you all owe Palumbo 500 reps. We'll let you work together to achieve them, more info on that below.

And, a disclaimer- I certainly have no wish to overwhelm these blog posts with baby pictures. Don't worry, we'll return to photos of you all sweating profusely shortly.

Today's Workout:


Continue Indefinitely:

1 min SA DB Thruster

1 min Cal Row

1 min Straight Arm Sit-ups

1 min SA DB Snatch

1 min Cal Bike/Ski

1 min Burpee Box Jumps/Step-ups

2 min Rest

-Start with (500 x number members present) total rep count for class.

-Each rep performed in the workout by an individual reduces total rep count by 1.

-Repeat circuit until total rep count is 0.

Eat your wheaties and recruit some Clydesdales. See yall there.

Hail Palumbo,


PS- If Palumbo had a theme song, it would be this.

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