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Our First Week!

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Our opening day, Monday, August 30th, is rapidly approaching. We've met a whole bunch of you already, have more of you in the pipeline for consultations, and if you haven't scheduled one yet- what are you waiting for!

In general, we'll be running a range of classes each with a different emphasis-strength, cardio, or mobility. Our strength classes will focus on building technique and progressing to heavier weights and more challenging movements. Our cardio classes will have an emphasis on keeping a consistent pace and maintaining a tempo for the whole class. Our mobility classes will be based around building flexibility and stability in the joints as well as building resilience toward injury. Each day's classes will have the same workout throughout that day, and will be one of these three focuses. We'll be approaching the Masters (Seniors) Classes the same way- just with a pace and volume appropriate for our senior members.

Leading into this, we'll be taking all new members through a three day intro series designed to familiarize them with our facility, our approach to movement, and the exercises they'll see most frequently. To make it easy for new members to move through these classes as we open our doors, we'll be running them very frequently our first few weeks, and then at a reduced frequency (but still weekly) after that, so no worries if you miss one this coming week!

This is what our first week will look like:

Monday: Intro Day 1

Tuesday: Cardio Class

Wednesday: Intro Day 2

Thursday: Mobility Class

Friday: Intro Day 3

Saturday: Intro Day 1

These classes will run as according to our schedule posted here. Thanks to the feedback we've received so far we've added a second daily masters class and shifted the times of the morning group fitness classes, so please be sure to check that out.

We will be taking all our potential members through a consultation first before getting them into our classes, so if you're interested in trying out a free trial class next week, please reach out here. And don't forget about our Founding Members' offer- if you sign up for a group class membership (including masters) in our first three months, you get your first three months half off!

We're looking forward to meeting you all soon!

Yours in Food + Fitness,

Jamie + Kristen

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