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Mon, 11/8- All's Well

It's here- the final week of our opening 9 week cycle! You've all put in a ton of hard work, and I'm excited to see how all this testing turns out for you. We've got your final 5RM Bench Press and 2k Row test for a while (with something planned to spice it up the 2k and give you a boost), and a go at some heavy lunges to see what you can move.

This Thursday is Veteran's Day, we'll be running our normal full class schedule, but we'll also be running our first Hero workout. If you're unfamiliar, we'll talk more about what that means later in the week, but it will be a slight departure from our normal mobility days. We'll do a challenging workout with some mobility work after. Don't worry, we might still sneak a few animal walks into the warm-up though!

Here's what the week will look like:

Monday- Strength, 5RM Bench Press

Tuesday- Cardio, 2k Row

Wednesday- Strength, Deadlift

Thursday- Veteran's Day Hero Workout, Mobility

Friday- Strength, 5 RM Reverse Lunge

Saturday- Cardio Class

And here's what Monday's class will be:

Group Fitness-


1) Bench Press- Build to a 5RM

2) Chin Over Bar Hold- 3x 30-40s

KB Floor Press- 3x15

3) Metcon-

10 min EMOTM

1st- 50s Tread @ Fast

2nd- 50s DB (Wo)Manmakers

Master's Class-


Single Leg Glute Bridge 3x10ea

Side Plank from Knees 3x35-50s ea

Strength Circuit:

Push-ups x 12

Goblet Squats x 12

Split Squat x 12ea

Tread x 2 min

Yours in Food + Fitness,


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