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Mon, 9/6- A Labor Filled Labor Day, and Our Week Schedule!

We hope you're all having a fantastic Labor Day weekend! This week we're once again running our 3 Day Intro Class series for a lot of the new faces we met last week, but this time with a twist- we'll be running the intro classes with some B-Side workouts for those of you who have already taken them. You'll have to come in to find out what they are though!

The week schedule for 9/6-9/11 will look like:

Monday- Day 1 Intro

Tuesday- Cardio

Wednesday- Day 2 Intro

Thursday- Mobility

Friday- Day 3 Intro

Saturday- Cardio

I know it says Saturday, but this is what our Intro Day 1 Class looks like tomorrow. After this week we'll get into our first training cycle, which I'm very excited to tell you all about.

Hope to see you in tomorrow, but if we don't, have a Happy Labor Day!

Yours in food + fitness,

Jamie + Kristen

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