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Mon, 9/27- One More Round

In the past two weeks you've all gotten stronger, developed more endurance, and increased your flexibility and stability! It's been very exciting to see you all start to sink your teeth into this style of training. We're only getting started.

This will be our final week working on this series of movements before we progress onto our next three-week cycle, with a new series of tests and strength movements.

Here's what the week will look like:

Monday- Strength, Goblet Squat Test/Squat Progression

Tuesday- Cardio, 500m Row Test

Wednesday- Strength, HR Push-up Test/Push-up Progression

Thursday- Mobility Class, Running Prep + Thoracic Spine Focus

Friday- Strength, Max Sled Push Test

Saturday- Cardio Class

I would love to see some more 500m row times on the board- if you haven't yet, try to make it into a Tuesday cardio class so you can test it out!

Yours in Food + Fitness,


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