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Mon, 9/13- The Shape of Things to Come

Two weeks in business! Thank you to everyone for all the support you've given us so far, we're tremendously grateful.

The past two weeks we've been in our 'start-up' phase workout programming-wise, and have been running our three-day intro class series all day long on Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays. From here on out we're switching to what a more normal programming block will look like for us. The intro class series will still be available for new members, but will be setup by appointment only for the time being while we bring more coaches onboard. Email for more info!

As a part of that transition to our normal programming cycle, we're very excited to announce an element of our approach to fitness that will be a backbone of how we pursue progress and results in the gym- benchmark testing!

We have two benchmark tracks based around our six foundational movement patterns (you were paying attention when we talked about that, right??), squatting, lunging, hip hinging, upper body pulling, upper body pushing, and carrying. One of those is our 'Progression' track, it's for our members who are building the technique, capacity, and strength to perform some of the different exercises that we think are extremely characteristic of our six core movement patterns. For each pattern we have a series of ten 'levels' that will take you from reduced range of motion/complexity variations of the exercises, to full ROM and more complex movements, often with an external load added. Many of you will fall somewhere in the middle on most of these series of progressions, and that's a fantastic place to be! See them all here:

Weights listed as 53/35#, the weight on the left is the men's standard, and the weight on the right is the women's standard.

For the 'Performance' track, we have two tests for each movement pattern, one that is 'maximal strength'-based, and one that is based on 'endurance strength'. We believe that a balance between these two capacities creates the most well-rounded level of fitness for sport, health, and everyday life. Some are simple and straight-forward tests, some are a little bit tricky. Don't forget, this is supposed to be fun! Check them out here:

Please note- the transition from the 'Progression' to the 'Performance' track is somewhat arbitrary- it's based around building a certain level of capacity in movements we've deemed as important to foundational human movement, but is in no way an end-all be-all evaluation of your athletic abilities (or worth)! Many of you will be able to build some of the patterns from the 'Progression' track to the 'Performance' track relatively quickly, and others may take you years. Do note that making the transition from the 'Progression' track entirely to the 'Performance' track is a significant accomplishment! We use both of these tracks to help give you guidance, encouragement, and to track your progress. As long as they are a useful tool in a member's progress we'll use them, but as soon as they stop being useful we'll cast them aside! These scales and tests are absolutely subject to change as we evaluate and re-evaluate how to best use them to help you all on your individual fitness journeys.

Words, words words.

How we'll be putting this into practice:

For the next nine weeks we'll be working our way through the majority of these tests in three-week blocks. Each three weeks we'll be building across the same strength/endurance movements as well as several of the tests. We'll see how you improve at the tests over each three-week block, and from there we'll have some great starting results to go with that we'll use to guide your progress in the future! While we highly recommend you record your workout results on your own, we'll be compiling this information for you as well.

This next three weeks our structure will look like this-

Monday- Strength, Goblet Squat Test/Squat Progression

Tuesday- Cardio, 500m Row Test

Wednesday- Strength, HR Push-up Test/Push-up Progression

Thursday- Mobility Class, Running Prep + Thoracic Spine Focus

Friday- Strength, Max Sled Push Test

Saturday- Cardio Class

And finally, for those of you just interested in seeing what's on the agenda for tomorrow, here's what we've got:

1) Goblet Squat/Squat Progression Test

Goblet Squats 4x8

SL Hip Thrusts 4x8ea

2) Bulgarian Split Squat 3x8ea

Floor Press 3x10

SA Banded Row 3x10ea

3) 10 min EMOTM

1st- Max Cal Row

2nd- Max Plate Drag Planks

If you made it through reading all of that, I certainly hope it gave you a better idea of where we're headed in the future! I'm excited for what we've got in store for you, and I certainly hope all of you are too!

Yours in Food + Fitness,


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