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Mon, 7/18- Get What you Need, Week 0

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On to the next one! The summer of gains rolls ever onward with a whole bunch of new additions as well as what will inevitably be a pivotal cycle for Hungry Hearts. Find out more below!

News + Updates-

Get What You Need Cycle: We have many things planned for this cycle, including a new challenge workout, an emphasis on athletic, dynamic movements, and most importantly- a new level of individualization.

In helping you reach your health and fitness goals, we think it's incredibly important to do our best in giving you exactly what you need. Up until this point, we've always helped you scale as appropriate in classes, but we want to do better. In service of that, we're going to take you all through a movement screen that will give us valuable insight into how to better tailor our workouts for you specifically. We'll be starting off this week by taking you through our joint-by-joint Hungry Hearts Movement Assessment that will then help us put together more customized workouts to help you achieve the most you can with your time here. We'll be running this assessment throughout this week and next, so if you don't catch it on Monday, don't worry, we'll make sure we catch you!

More on everything else as we go, for now, during week 0- be sure to make it in for our Hungry Hearts Movement Assessment!

Saturday Open Gym: We will now be holding an hour of Open Gym time on Saturdays at 9:45am! This will be replacing the 9:45am Group Fitness class, and will be open for both Group Fitness as well as Masters members. We will now be requiring sign-ups for all Open Gym slots (including mid afternoon during the week). Sign up for any time as normal on Zen Planner, and you can absolutely sign up for more than one slot!

Nutrition Accountability Group: By popular request, we'll be starting a Nutrition Accountability Facebook Group. Look for more details on Wednesday!

No Oly This Week: We'll be back with more triple extension action next week!

Your Monday Workouts-

Group Classes:

1) Hungry Hearts Movement Screen

2) Landmine Push Press


Plank Plate Drags


3) 12 min E2MOTM

2 min

Max Cal Row

2 min AMRAP

10 Double Unders/ 30 HS

1 Lap Farmer's Carry


1) Hungry Hearts Movement Screen

2) AMRAP Time Remaining

10 Cal Row

6ea Landmine Push Press

8ea Plank Shoulder Taps

1 Lap Farmer's Carry

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