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Mon, 6/6- Summer of Strength Week 1

Alright alright alright! Warm weather is here (to stay??) and despite what the calendar says, we think summer has begun!

We've got a lot in store for you these next few months, and a lot of that is starting right NOW. Here's what we've got on the agenda:


Physical Therapy: We're now offering physical therapy here at Hungry Hearts!!

Our goal is for everyone in our community to be able to find pain-free fitness and longevity, and in service of that our very own Coach Aimee is now offering cash-based physical therapy evaluations and bookings.

We're very excited to be offering this service under the same roof as our group classes and one-on-one training. This means you can get treatment for an injury and then have direct continuity of care into an exercise program, where your therapist and trainer can be in constant communication (if you desire).

We know that this will be massive in helping people achieve the active, healthy, and pain-free lifestyle that they're interested in living. For more information please reach out to .

Summer of Strength Programming Cycle: For the next six weeks we're shaking things up a bit. The sun is out, and people want to be feeling athletic, healthy, mobile, and strong. We want you prepared for all the hiking, kayaking, lumberjack competitions, and whatever else you flannel-wearers plan to get up to this summer.

To those ends, we're going to be restructuring our training week a bit. Now, instead of strength days on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, cardio days on Tuesdays and Saturdays, and mobility days on Thursdays, we're going to be having strength days Monday through Friday, but those days will also be featuring some dedicated mobility and cardio. They won't all be heavy lifting days- some will be more along the lines of strength endurance/stability/technique work, and the emphasis will be on increased athleticism over static heavy strength- but you'll have to show up to find out more!

And yes, snuck into that last paragraph, we will be doing mobility every day. Hopefully this will help more of you find that sweet spot spaced evenly between Gumby and the Tin Man.

'Control Your Nutrition' Seminar: Also this summer we're going to be diving head-first into talking about nutrition- we'll be giving you a basic nutrition education, and then working on helping you build your ideal nutrition lifestyle off of that. Monday, June 13th at 6:45pm, I (Jamie) will be giving a one-hour nutrition seminar at the gym. We'll be talking about the basic building blocks of food, some pitfalls of the fad diet world, and how to find a style of eating that you can stick with long term and achieve your greatest possible results- whether those are based around fat loss and body recomposition, improving your performance, or even just having more consistent energy levels throughout the day.

The seminar will be held live at the gym, will be about an hour long, and will be free for members to attend. For those of you unable to make it, we'll record the seminar and post it to Youtube. If you're interested in attending, please sign-up for the event on Zenplanner.

Indoor + Outdoor Rowing Clinics: For an event this month and next, we're going to be taking some time to work on your rowing! On Saturday, June 25th, in place of the regular Saturday classes, a rowing instructor from Sunapee Rowing is going to come in and give an indoor rowing seminar. More info TBD- we're still figuring out exactly how many seats we can have in the class- but this event will be free for members.

The following week, on Sunday, July 3rd, we'll be holding an on-the-water rowing clinic. We'll be going out in 8-person boats and you'll get the chance to experience real team-based rowing! We will need to have sign-ups in advance for this so Sunapee Rowing can determine the amount of instructors and boats they'll need, and there will be an additional cost associated with the event. If you're interested in finding out more, please reach out to me at .

All of this will be perfectly suited for complete beginners to rowing, so if you've ever been interested in getting out on the water, I'd highly recommend you attend both!

And that's just the beginning! We've got a lot more in store for you this summer; keep watching these blog posts for more info.

Your Monday Workouts-

Group Fitness:

1) 2s Pause Back Squat

Build to a 5RM

Wtd. Seated Box Jump


2) 9 min EMOTM

1 min- Burpees to Plate

1 min- Pull-ups

1 min- DB Walking Lunges

Record total burpees

3) Couch Stretch

2x8 Breaths

SL Good Morning



1) 2s Pause Goblet Squat


Plate Jumps/Squat Drops


2) AMRAP Rest of Class

2 min Cardio of Choice

8 Pull-ups/Recoil Rows

8ea Walking Lunges

8ea SL Good Mornings

8 Breaths Couch Stretch

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