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Mon, 6/20 - Summer of Strength W3

Happy Juneteenth!

We've got a lot of stuff on the calendar here at Hungry Hearts the next few weeks- rowing, cooking classes, and more. Take a look at what's coming up below!

Also, a note- our morning Group Fitness classes (5am + 6am) have been getting increasingly busy. Fantastic! Please be sure to finalize your plans in signing up for class by 8pm the evening before- we've had a number of people waitlisted for class, and then people who were reserved either no show or cancel their reservation at the last minute. Please be considerate of your fellow members and commit to your plans the evening before, so that as many people as possible can make it in to workout!

News + Updates-

'Control Your Nutrition' Video and Guide-

Interested in learning more about the nutritional approach and strategies we recommend here at Hungry Hearts? Check out our in-depth guide here.

Cooking Classes-

Our kitchen is opening up and we have three cooking classes on the roster! Registration is open for current Hungry Hearts members, with a minimum of 4 participants and a maximum of 6. Seats are first-come first-served. Please email me at to reserve your spot and receive further details!

Indian: Cauliflower Tikka Masala

Sunday, 6/26 from 1-3pm, $85

In this vegetarian-friendly class we will make a bold and savory cauliflower tikka masala, an in-season tomato salad with a refreshing mint dressing, and bake authentic naan bread.

Knife Skills: Stir Fry

Sunday, 7/10 from 1-3pm, $85

Learn how to chop, dice, and mince like a pro- safely and efficiently! You will be guided through selecting and correctly handling knives, keeping them sharp, and how to cut a variety of locally-sourced vegetables and herbs with which we'll make a fresh summer garden-inspired stir-fry.

Mexican: Pulled Chicken Tinga Tacos

Sunday, 7/17 from 1-3pm, $85

Come hungry! We'll be making corn tortillas from scratch and filling them with recipes written for us by Chef Jason DiGeronimo, Executive Chef at The Refinery in Andover: pulled chicken tinga, arroz y frijoles, and squash with citrus.

Each of these hands-on classes will yield a full meal to enjoy together at the end of class. We can't wait to get you all in here to see what we've been up to!

Rowing Seminar-

This Saturday, June 25th in place of our regular Saturday classes we'll be hosting a rowing seminar put on by an instructor from Sunapee Rowing. On Sunday, July 3rd from 8:15am-10:15am we'll be holding an outdoor rowing clinic (on the water!). This clinic will be $30/person. Advance reservations for this clinic will be necessary, please email me at if you're interested!

Your Monday Workouts-

Group Classes:

1) Back Squat

Build to a 3RM

Wtd Seated Box Jump


2) 9 min EMOTM

1 min- Burpee to Target

1 min- Pull-ups

1 min- SA DB OH Walking Lunge

Record total burpees

3) Couch Stretch

2x8 Breaths

SL Good Morning



1) 2s Pause Goblet Squat

3x 12

Plate Jumps/Squat Drops

3x 10

2) AMRAP Rest of Class

2 min Cardio of Choice

12 Pull-ups/Recoil Rows

12ea Walking Lunges

8ea SL Good Mornings

8 Breaths Couch Stretch

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