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Mon, 12/6- Holiday Potluck

Happy start of your week!

On Friday, December 17th at 7pm we'll be having our first Hungry Hearts social event- a holiday party! The party will be a potluck, we will have some food and beverages available, but please feel free to bring something to add to the mix! More details (especially on parking!) to come.

This week's schedule:

Monday- Strength, High Rep Back Squats

Tuesday- Cardio, Hill Climb Work, Evening Oly Class

Wednesday- Strength, Upper Body Endurance

Thursday- Mobility, Thoracic Spine + Hips

Friday- Strength, Carries

Saturday- Cardio Class

Alternative title for the day could have been, 'Squat Death'. Today we get to do one of my favorite awful things.

Your Monday workouts:

Group Fitness-


1) Back Squat- 20RM

2) Single Leg RDL- 3x8ea

Plank Plate Drag 3x8ea

3) Metcon-


.1 Mile Treadmill/200m Row

9 ea KB Push Press

6 In + Out Burpees

Master's Class-

1) Warm-up-

Scap Push-ups- 2x10

OM Test/Single Leg RDL- 2x8ea

2) Strength Circuit-

Tempo Goblet Squats (4s Down,, 4s Pause, 4s Up) 3x 8

Push-ups 3x8

Lateral Step Downs 3x8ea

3) Metcon-

10 min AMRAP

.1 mile Treadmill/200m Row

12 Band Pull Aparts

8ea Plate Plank Drag

Yours in Food + Fitness,


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