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Mon, 12/13- Ride the Wave

Another week is here! Get the quads pumping with a fantastic squat variation, and join us as we introduce some new equipment

Reminder- Holiday Potluck on Friday at 7pm- final details coming!

This week's schedule:

Monday- Strength, 1+1/4 Back Squats

Tuesday- Cardio, Evening Oly Class

Wednesday- Strength, Upper Body Endurance

Thursday- Mobility, Thoracic Spine + Hips

Friday- Strength, Power Cleans

Saturday- Cardio Class

Your Monday workouts:

Group Fitness-


1) 1+1/4 Back Squat- 3x6

2) Single Leg RDL- 3x10ea

IW Pallof Wave 3x30s ea

3) Metcon-

10 Min AMRAP

.1 Mile Treadmill/200m Row

9 ea DB Snatch

6 Burpee Box Step-Overs

Master's Class-

1) Warm-up-

Scap Push-ups- 2x12

OM Test/Single Leg RDL- 2x8ea

2) Strength Circuit-

Tempo Goblet Squats (4s Down, 4s Pause, 4s Up) 2-3x6

Push-ups 2-3x10

Lateral Step Downs 2-3x10ea

3) Metcon-

10 min AMRAP

.1 mile Treadmill/200m Row

15 Band Pull Aparts

10ea Plank Reaches

Yours in Food + Fitness,


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