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Mon, 11/15- First Chair to Last Chair Cycle

Hey all- we're still here! Two and half months in, you all made it through our first training cycle, we've got a full member board to reconfigure, and 2021 looks like it's going to finish off on a great note!

This week we're starting up our new training cycle which will last the next seven weeks through the New Year, titled our 'First Chair to Last Chair' cycle. Whether you partake in hiking and winter sports or just want to make it through shoveling your driveway without getting a cranky lower back, this cycle will be focused on building your leg strength/endurance, your lower body stability, and your core strength so that you can thrive during our New Hampshire winter instead of just barely hanging on by your fingernails. You'll be working hard, so this is a great opportunity to put all those mashed potato and stuffing gains to good use! An alternative title was, 'Survive the Holidays'- we'll definitely be throwing some hard workouts at you to help take your mind off end-of-the-year stress!

Because we've had some questions about it- in regards to altered holiday schedules this year, our plans are as follows:

Thanksgiving- limited morning classes- details to be announced!

Christmas Eve- Normal class schedule until noon

Christmas Day- Closed

New Years Eve- Normal class schedule until noon

New Years Day- Bench in the New Year Event

Our schedule this week will look like:

Monday- Strength, High Rep Back Squats

Tuesday- Cardio, Hill Climb Work

Wednesday- Strength, Upper Body Endurance

Thursday- Mobility, Hip Focus

Friday- Strength, Plyo/RDL

Saturday- Cardio Class

And here is what Monday's Class will look like:

Group Fitness-


1) Back Squat- 3x10

2) Peterson Step- 3x8ea

Landmine Rotations- 3x8ea

3) Metcon-

12 min EMOTM

2 min- Row @ Fast

2 min AMRAP- 8 Push-ups

10 Jump Squats

12 Tuck-Ups

Master's Class-

1) Warm-up-

Hip Rotations 2x8 ea

2) Strength Circuit-

15 min AMRAP

Goblet Squats x 10

Lateral Step Downs x8ea

Pallof Press x 10ea

3) Metcon-

8 min EMOTM

2 min- Row @ Medium/Fast

2 min AMRAP- 8 Push-ups

10 Reverse Crunches

Yours in Food + Fitness,


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