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Mon, 10/4- Get on the Good Foot

Onward to a new cycle!! You all crushed it on our tests the past three weeks with the majority of you improving once and some even twice! For the next three weeks we'll be switching it up with some heavy chin-ups and squats, some fast running, and some grip work.

Here's what the week will look like:

Monday- Strength, 3RM Chin-up Test/Chin-up Progression

Tuesday- Cardio, 1/4 Mile Run Test

Wednesday- Strength, Max Laps Farmer's Carry Test

Thursday- Mobility Class, Squat + Hamstring Focus

Friday- Strength, 5RM Back Squat Test

Saturday- Cardio Class

And Monday's workout:

Group Fitness:


1) Bench Press- 3x10

2) Chin-up- Build to a 3RM, or 3x3-5

Dips 3x10

3) Metcon-

12 Min EMOTM:

2 min Tread

2 min AMRAP

6 Double KB Front Squats

8 Push-ups

10 V-ups



One Arm Farmer's Carry- 3x 1 Lap ea

Pallof Press w/ 3s Pause- 3x 8ea

Strength Circuit-

Push-ups x8

Goblet Squats x8

Split Squat x6ea

Tread x 2 minutes

Chin-ups and bench press- like chocolate and peanut butter, a classic combination! Come in tomorrow to find out what it's all about!

Yours in Food + Fitness,


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