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Mon, 1/3- CRASH-B's for You + Me Cycle

And we're off! 2022 is here and we're already going at a breakneck speed.

A lot to cram into the blog post, let's get after it-

1st Annual Hungry Hearts Pump + Run-

First off, this past Saturday we had our 1st Annual Hungry Hearts Pump + Run. Pictured above are your two inaugural winners- Bud + Kristin! Congratulations to everyone who showed up, you all did fantastic!

The combination of light rain and a late night may have kept a good number of you from coming in, but that just meant there was more chicken and waffles for those of you who braved the elements. And Bud and Kristin- we have some medals for you!

New Cycle: CRASH-B's for You + Me-

On to the next one! We're starting 2022 off with a six week back to the basics cycle- we'll be focusing on foundational technique with an emphasis on the following-

-Full ROM squatting

-Improved upper body push/pull strength + mechanics in bodyweight movements

-Improved core bracing + endurance

So in six weeks time I want to see you squatting deeper, stronger at bodyweight movements like chin-ups, dips, push-ups, and rows, and with rock-solid midline stability in all the different exercises we do.

And you may have noticed the title of the cycle- the CRASH-B's are only 6 weeks away! If you're unfamiliar, the CRASH-B's (Charles River All Star Has-Beens) is the world indoor rowing championship, which in non-COVID times is held in Boston. This year the event is being held virtually on Sunday, February 13th. In the competition rowers will compete online (we hook the ergs up to a computer) and can sign up for a 2000m race as an individual or as a 4 person relay team. Find out more here. There are age groups going all the way up to 85+, so if this is something that interests you please let me know!

We certainly want to support everyone interested in competing, but don't worry, even if you're not planning on competing in the event officially you'll still get plenty of rowing in this cycle, with an emphasis on improving your overall technique and 2k time.

More on all this to come.

5am Class-

It's here, and it's here to stay. The 5am class will be 45 minutes long, down to business, get in and get out. The programming will be following our main group program, just abbreviated where necessary. No pop music trivia or what's your favorite pizza topping questions, this no-excuses class is for only the hangriest hearts who want to get some quality work in and then get on with their day!

Ice Climbing-

More details on this once Northeast Mountaineering gets back to me. We might already be full? I'm very excited about the response we've gotten for this, should be a ton of fun!

Zoom Classes-

Zoomers we're still tightening up how we get all this information to you, but for now this is what it will look like- we'll be holding zoom classes live every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 12:15pm. The classes will be 30 minutes long and we'll have a no equipment version of the workout and a minimal equipment version. The minimal equipment version will be for people who have access to a light dumbbell, a medium dumbbell, and a band. I'll post the link to join the next day's zoom class in the blog post the night before (see below). The zoom classes will then be available for the following seven days to do on your own, I'll post the link to the recording in the following day's blog post.

These classes will be included free with your membership. We will have a 'Zoom only' membership available soon.

Monday 12:15pm Zoom Class join HERE

Enough of all that business.

Classes this Week:

Monday- Strength, Low Box Squats

Tuesday- Cardio, Distance Rowing

Wednesday- Strength, RDL

Thursday- Mobility, Squat Mobility + Strength

Friday- Strength, Rev Lunges, Interval Rowing

Saturday- Cardio Class

Your Monday Workouts:

Group Fitness-

1) Box Squat- 4x6

2) Scap Pull-ups w/ 3s Pause 3x8

Wtd. Push-ups 3x8

3) Metcon

8 min EMOTM

2 min- Tread @ Med/Fast

2 min AMRAP- 15 RKBS

12 SA KB Front Rack Step-ups


1) Balance Drill

5 min EMOTM- 40s Work : 20s Rest

2) Box Squats x8

Recoil Rows x8

Plank Hold x 35s

3) 12 min EMOTM

3 min- Tread @ Med Pace

3 min AMRAP- 8 Push-ups

8ea Split Squats


1) Goblet/Air Squats 3x10-20

Push-ups 3x8-12

Band Pull-Aparts/Eagle Arms 3x15

2) Metcon


8 Straight Arm Burpees

12 DB Swings/ Single Leg RDLs

12 Reverse Lunges

Yours in Food + Fitness,


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