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Fri, 7/1- Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Sunday Rowing Seminar Update- We're good to go, and I've emailed details to everyone who sent me an emailing signing up for it. If you haven't received an email from me and are still interested, please reach out to .

Your Friday Workouts-

Group Classes:

1) 2s Pause Bench Press

Build to a 5RM

Banded Push-up


2) 12 min E6MOTM

6 min

1000m Row

Plank Down-ups Time Remaining

6 min AMRAP

12ea Landmine Rotations

8 Inverted Rows

6 Ab Wheels

Record 1000m Row time

3) Xiaopengs

2x5+5 ea,

Eagle Arms



1) Floor Press


Inverted Row


Adjust lower!

2) AMRAP Time Remaining

2 min Cardio of Choice

8 Push-ups

10 Straight Arm Band Pulldowns

15 Eagle Arms

5 + 5ea. Xiaopengs

Your Thursday Results-

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