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Fri, 2/4- Delayed opening

Due to both the weather and a staffing issue we'll have a delayed opening tomorrow until 8am. The 5am + 6am classes will be cancelled, all others will run as normal.

Group Fitness-

1) 20 min EMOTM

10 min-

For Time:

1500m Row

In Time Remaining:

AMRAP DU/ Jumprope Sequence (5 skips, 5 ea leg, 5 running)

10 min AMRAP

8 Ab Wheels

10ea KB/DB Side Bends

12 ea Split Stance Pallof Press

2) Bulgarian Split Squat


5s Chin-up Negatives


Sled Push

4x 1/2 Lap


1) 20 min EMOTM

10 min-

For Time:

1200m Row

In Time Remaining:

Jump Rope/ Tread Walk

10 min AMRAP

8ea Plate Plank Drags

8ea Pallof Press w/ 3s Pause

30s ea Suitcase High Marching

2) AMRAP Time Remaining

Split Squats x 8ea

Recoil Rows x10

Farmer's Carry x1 lap

Hungry Hearts to Go-

Friday 10:30am Zoom Class


1) Bulgarian Split Squat- 3x6-9ea

Scap Push-ups- 3x15

Side Lying Windmill- 3x6ea

2) 8 min AMRAP

10 Bear Crawl Steps Forward + Back

8 Straight Arm Burpees

6ea Tuck-Straddle-Pikes

Yours in Food + Fitness,


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