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Fri, 11/19- Mess You Up

When you're counting on sled push friends to give you a rest- you know you're in trouble.

For those who missed the announcement yesterday-

This Thanksgiving morning (Thursday, 11/25), we'll be hosting a special charity workout. The workout will be held outdoors at the New London Historical Society (just down the street from us) at 8:30am. For everyone attending the workout we ask that you make a $15 donation to the New Hampshire Food Bank, Hungry Hearts will be matching all these donations. This workout is open to both members and non-members- so if you have any family members in town visiting, feel free to drag them along! There won't be a 12 person cap on this class. The workout will be held weather permitting- but it will take more than a little snow to push us inside!

Yours in Food + Fitness,


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