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Fri, 11/12- Leaf Patrol

Alright alright alright!!! Last day of our opening 9 week cycle! We've tested a lot of things in the past two months, from max goblet squats and hand release push-ups in 2 minutes, to heavy squat 5s, to quarter mile runs, and of course the 2k row. From this we're putting together what our vision of fitness is, a well rounded balance of strength and conditioning coupled with the mobility and technical ability sufficient to achieve quality movement. More on what we're doing with those numbers this weekend.

Friday though we're finishing off with some nice stuff- we're putting that single leg strength to the test, cranking out more box squats, and giving you the option of chin-ups or push-ups (because some of you MIGHT have just done 90 chin-ups today). After that, my special love, the super medley. Choose a weight wisely, then storm through for time.

From today- crushing it!!!

Yours in Food + Fitness,


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