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Coach's Nutrition Log- Jamie, 2/13-2/19

Lobster Mac + Cheese

An OK week with an interesting outcome and lesson for me, which I'll detail below.

For those of you interested in seeing the full breakdown of what I ate this week, my food log is included below. Note that I have not been recording quantities of what I've been eating past what you see, and that's what I'll continue to do unless I find myself stalling out.

Food Log-


Rx Bar

1 Scoop Protein Powder + Creatine

Hannaford’s Bacon Lettuce Chicken Wrap

Pork Donburi (leftovers)


Rx Bar

1 Scoop Pro + Creatine

Hannaford’s Buffalo Chicken Wrap

Hannaford's General Tso's Chicken


RX Bar

3 Eggs + cheese, raspberries

Grocery Store Tuna Rolls

Cheese, Crackers, Grapes

Lobster Mac + Cheese (Vday celebration!)

2 glasses White Wine

Chocolate cake

Caught a lot of strays


RX Bar

1 Scoop Protein Powder + Creatine

Salsa Chicken Thighs + Rice

Hannaford's General Tso’s Chix


3 Eggs, onions, rice, blackberries, verde sauce

Hotdog + bun, ketchup, cheese, berries

Salsa Chicken Thighs + Rice

Caught a lot of strays


Rx bar, raspberries

Dinner out @ 3 Tomatoes-

Bread + Oil


Chicken parmesan + Linguini (little dry)

Sweet tomato pie pizza

2 glasses White wine


RX Bar

Salsa Chicken Thighs + Rice


Cheese and crackers and grapes

Salsa chicken thighs and seafood pasta (leftovers)

Caught a lot of strays = whatever Paloma was eating that day, I also scavenged a decent amount off her plate. There was a lot of unplanned snacking this week.

Intuitively I felt like this was an OK week, not my best and not my worst. I wanted to cook a bunch for Valentine's Day dinner this week, so I tried to eat a little lighter than normal around it. The salsa chicken I made this week just wasn't hitting quite as good as it did the last time I made it, so I ended up eating a lot of other stuff. No cooking this weekend as I just didn't feel like doing dishes.

Here's how it turned out at Monday morning weigh-in:

Interesting. And also what I kind of expected- I super under-ate on protein this week, and it lead to a drop in skeletal muscle mass. Body fat percentage remained relatively the same.

A (silly) obstacle I encountered with this is that I keep my protein powder at the gym- so when I'm working from home or on the weekends, I don't have immediate access to it. Easily correctable. Protein cambros en route from Amazon. The lesson for me there- convenience is king! Simple organizational stuff can make such a big difference to success. Everything is logistics.

All in all, I feel like these first five weeks have been me working out the kinks in how I want to be eating, and I'm hoping that this week I really hit my stride.

My goals for this week- maintain a higher protein intake, minimize scavenging off Paloma's plate, and get my next stage of training together. Birthday celebration this weekend in the city and I'm looking to eat a ton of great food, so I'll be very happy if I break even with this past week BF%-wise.

Yours in Food + Fitness,


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