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About Us

Building a Strong Community


Our Story

Hungry Hearts Gym + Kitchen is a business founded by husband and wife team Jamie and Kristen Brause in New London, NH in 2021.


They opened the facility with the intention of creating a new type of gym- one where people could do more than just exercise, a place where by combining expertly designed strength training alongside on-site nutrition and cooking education,  members could achieve a totally new level of results while also building a welcoming and inclusive community.

Our Values

We've been a part of plenty of gyms that are content to let you spin your wheels as long as your dues keep getting paid. That's not us! 

We've also known plenty of gyms that don't give beginners the guidance they deserve- they don't take the time to give the explanation and technical instruction that lets you build a solid foundation and make progress safely, consistently, and pain free. That's not us either.


We think that you're coming to us for a reason- because you want to see results, you want to see progress, and more than anything you want to see a change. Whether that change is because you want to be stronger, you want to have more consistent energy levels throughout the day, you want to feel better in your clothes, or you just want to be able to move easier and with less pain. You coming to us looking for that change is an expression of trust, and we want to honor and respect that!

Hungry Hearts is both a gym and a kitchen. To the best of our knowledge this has never been done in exactly this way before. Our unique facility gives us the capability to really make a change in people's lives.  If you give us your trust, we want to do everything in our power to repay that trust, and share with you what we know about building a life filled with joy, passion, and fulfillment, all powered by food and fitness. Where we have the power to help you, we will, and for things that fall outside our capabilities, we'll do everything we can to help connect you with someone who can. That's our promise to you.

If that resonates with you, we're building a community of like-minded people who feel the same way. We hope you'll give us a try!


Meet The Team

Screen Shot 2021-08-10 at 10_edited.jpg

Jamie Brause



-USA Weightlifting Lvl 2

-Pain Free Performance Specialist

-Titleist Performance Institute Lvl 1

-Cambridge School of Culinary Arts

Professional Chef's Program Graduate

-Functional Movement Screen Lvl 1 + 2

-Numerous CrossFit certifications

Jamie has been a strength and conditioning coach for the past 10 years and in that time has coached everyone from 84 year old complete beginners to nationally and internationally ranked olympic lifters and powerlifters.


He believes in making strength training accessible both through using a structured approach along with meeting people where they're at.

He likes to regularly pick up new sports and activites, and has participated in things ranging from strongman, to ultramarathons, to circus arts.


More than anything, Jamie loves to share his passion for physical culture with anyone willing to listen to his long rambling anecdotes and interested in hearing about niche sports that sound made up.


On the culinary side, Jamie has a deep love for Italian and Mexican cuisine and experimental cooking techniques. His favorite pasta shape is tortellini.

Screen Shot 2021-08-10 at 9.44.18 PM.jpg

Kristen Brause



-Certified Pre- & Postnatal Coach (CPPC)

-CrossFit Level 1

-CrossFit Kids

-Cambridge School of Culinary Arts Culinary Certificate Program Graduate 

If you told Kristen five years ago that one day she'd be the head chef at a teaching kitchen she would not have believed you.

Even though she has worked in every front of house position, from busser to bartender, in the food service industry since she was 16, she kept out of the kitchen. When she wasn't working in restaurants, she was costume designing for burlesque shows and independent films, starting and running a sewing school in Boston, and selling vintage clothing.

Though her career path led her in many different directions, looking back on it, it makes complete sense where she has ended up. Kristen loves to teach and to be able to bring people together through food. She eventually enrolled in and completed culinary school (at 8 months pregnant no less).

After delivering her daughter, Kristen was shocked at how little women's physical and nutritional needs postpartum were discussed. Now as she has started working in fitness as well, Kristen has found a passion in focusing on women-specific needs, particularly those related to the unexpected challenges of prenatal and postpartum life.

When's she not in the gym or kitchen you can find Kristen spending as much time outdoors as she can, whether that be rockhounding, hiking, or exploring the backyard with her daughter.

Our Staff

Our Facility

We're proud of our facility, and we want our members to be proud to come here! 

Our building is an entirely new construction built in 2020. We have two bathrooms, one equipped with a shower, and one ADA compliant and handicap accessible. We have lockers available, towel service, and eventually will also feature childcare.

Our gym is equipped with Trueform Treadmills, Concept 2 RowErgs, a full range of Rogue strength equipment, and specialty equipment built by manufacturers like Kabuki Strength and Prime Fitness. Whenever possible, we have done our best to outfit our gym with the highest quality, American-made equipment we could find.

Our kitchen, once completed, will be a fully licensed commercial kitchen, featuring a Thermador range, John Boos butcherblock workstations, KitchenAid mixers, and Vitamix blenders.

The brand name doesn't do the workout and it doesn't cook the food, but we want you to know that we have put the thought, care, and energy into assembling the best equipped facility possible. We strive to apply this level of attention to detail to all of the work that we do.

We also place a high value on cleanliness, so if you ever come in and find something amiss, please let us know! 

Our Facility


Q: What are your hours? 

A: We run personal training sessions and ID sessions between 6am and 7:30pm Monday through Friday.

Q: What ages do you work with? 

A: We currently work with a range of ages, from 13 to 93! For potential members under the age of 18, we ask for them to first come in with a parent of guardian so we can assess their readiness for our style of training. 

Q: How much do your services cost?

A: Because we don't offer a one-size-fits-all service, we don't have a fixed pricing structure. Come in for a free consultation so we can talk about an approach to training that works for you.

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